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PC Loans Project

Providing low-cost re-furbished computers to disadvantaged people.

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Executive Summary

The Council's Digital Agency, ConnectMK, has entered into a partnership with Microsoft to provide re-furbished computers for loan to local people on means-tested benefits at a charge of £2.00 per week.

Quick Detail

Innovation Owner:
Lisa Bailey
Health & Social care

Project Detail

Partnerships with local schools ensure that disadvantaged school children are provided with computers and broadband connections, and work with voluntary & community organisations ensures that beneficiaries are assisted to use computers to access services to improve their lives and well-being, and that anonymised data from the project can inform service planning.

Connect MK is a Microsoft Approved Recycler (MAR) meaning that it implements an approved process securely to wipe all data from the ex-council computers it deploys and load Microsoft Software on them at very low cost.

The project has worked with Microsoft to develop a comprehensive Customer Relations Management system covering all aspects of the project. This is now available for replication by other authorities at a fraction of the original development costs.

Together with the WiMAX deployment, this project is enabling Milton Keynes Council to accelerate its migration to digital delivery of services by ensuring that those most likely to struggle to gain access to technology resources are provided with the means to access them.

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Project Partners:

  • Connect MK
  • Microsoft
  • Adepteq


  • Citizens

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